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There’s never been a better time to make commercial property investment your key to financial freedom and achieving your dream life

  • Are you tired of living pay to pay and ready to unlock passive income?
  • Are you feeling the pressure of negative cash flow from your residential property investments and ready to explore an alternative?
  • Are you ready to make your cash and assets work harder for you and change the trajectory of your financial life?
  • Are you unprepared for retirement without income-producing assets to support you and provide a legacy for your family?
Then Rethink Commercial Education is for you.

Master the strategies, build-a-best in class expert network to support you investing in a secure and proven asset class with positive short term cashflow and long-term equity growth, and change the lives of you and your family!

With our Commercial Property Investment course, you'll quickly gain access to unseen insights from Australia's #1 Commercial Buying Agency as they openly share their experiences of investing over $3 Billion in Commercial Property across Australia for over 3,500 clients in the last 8 years. 

What makes the On-Demand Course, Online Community, Live Masterclasses and resources so special?

10,000s of hours of research, billions dollars of successful deals, and access to the best Experts in the market


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Everything you need to succeed in Commercial Property Investment:

The most comprehensive Commercial Property course and connection to the market's most sought-after Online Community. Guiding you from the decision-making fundamentals, through every step of the process of buying your property, to managing and adding value to your property post-purchase - we give you all the tools you need to be successful in your existing and future investments.

01 50 x Recorded On Demand Video Lessons from today’s fundamentals to tomorrow’s opportunities

02 Client-Only Community, Network with Like-minded Individuals & Experts in this Market

03 6 x Live Online Masterclasses with Coaching, and open Q&A, live & recorded for your convenience

04 Bonus Checklist, Resources and Downloadable Guides to fast-track the steps to success

05 Real Investor Use Cases, with full transparency on the Inner Workings of good and bad investments

06 Free Best Selling E-Book (2nd edition) - "Rethink Property Investing" by Scott & Mina O'Neill

Course Schedule

A fast-track 8 week one-of-a-kind education course filled with concrete, practical guidance to maximise your wealth with Commercial Property. 


How to jumpstart and set the scene of Commercial Property investment in Australia that will transform your investment journey and pave the path to your new success:

 Clarity on your Goal

 Asset Types

 Valuation methods

 Residential versus Commercial Property

Myth-busting within Commercial Property investing

Budget needed to start Commercial Property investment

 How to build a $200k Passive Income


The Fundamentals

The Commercial markets fundamentals - the impacts, the watchouts and how to de-risk your investment. The numbers, the terms used and the game-changing levers you need to make the best informed decisions.

 Commercial Mortgage/Loan & Lease breakdowns

 Past Yield returns by Commercial property types and Market predictions

Ownership structures, Buying agent vs Direct purchasing, Old vs new development properties, single vs multi-tenant, Yield & NLA & Outgoings explained...

 Comparisons between Commercial Property (types) and Residential, Equities, REITs, Bonds, Savings Accounts, Crypto, Business investment

The Commercial Market

We list the best resources at your fingertips to start and extend your advantage in your Commercial Investment journey.  We compare the differences between different assets in different states, types of assets and unpack deals never seen before at all levels.

 Compare Metro city vs Regional Commercial Investment properties, and reasons why to or not target

 Explain the Pro’s and Con’s of buying off market and in the public market with real examples

 Unpack Commercial Properties by Deal values of Sub $1m, $1m-$2m, $5m-$10m, and $10m+ (depth never seen before)

 Which market leaders we follow and trust and who we don’t to take strategic steps forward in our portfolios, amongst the other BS out there.

The Processes to Success

We have mapped out macros and micro key journeys you’ll have to manage to systematise the end-to-end process and ensure you are safely and optimally securing and managing your Commercial asset/s. Including the inputs required, milestones and timings to be aware of, and moments to manage closely.

 Macro Search to Settlement Journey

 Finance Approval Journey

 Buying Agency Journey

 Legal Journey

 Insurance Journey

 Property Management Journey

 Rental Income, cashflow Journey 

The Best Relationships

Your Commercial Property investment journeys success will be highly influenced by the surrounding experts and team you have on board - we list the required roles, the scope, how to build the relationships, how best to approach alongside the tips & tricks and also the watch-outs in these professions.

 The Mortgage Broker

  The Accountant

 The Lawyer

 The Buying Agent

 The Insurance Broker

 The Property Manager

 The Tenant

 The Building and Pest Inspector

 The Depreciation Specialist

The North Star (Evaluation & Scaling)

Leverage data insights from Australia’s #1 Commercial Buying Agency network to look at the best buys for 2022 and early 2023.  Dissect Scott’s North Star asset in his own personal portfolio (never been discussed before).  The Metrics and tracking KPIs to monitor and manage your asset successfully

 The Best negotiated price, & Best valuation growth

 The Best growth in income/cashflow

 Best added value, & the Best added monetisation

 The Best lease/set & forget/passive income

 The Best tenant Story

 Scott’s last 3 deals from his Personal Commercial property portfolio

 Ongoing Metrics to correctly Manage your Commercial Assets

6 x LIVE Masterclasses with Scott O'Neill, Adam Stewart and the Experts

Specific topic deep-dives based on your feedback.  (Live & Recorded)


Welcome & kick-off! Preparing the journey ahead.

Guests - All the Experts


Clarity on your goals and your winning sourcing formula.

Guest: Scott O'Neill


Your leverage options and how to take advantage in the moving market.

Guests: Son Pham


Due diligence, ownership structures - the law and compliance

Guest: Sam Saad & Josh Liddy


Playing the potential curve balls & growing effectively.

Guest: Sophie Dugan


Where it all comes together, success stories + more! It doesn't stop here.

Guests: Many surprises

Exclusive Bonuses for Waiting List Clients!

Bonus #1 - Online Community connection for life

Connection to the most active and best experts in the Commercial Property market in Australia, other like-minded individuals, and investors that are one step ahead.

Bonus #2 - Free Rental Appraisal

Providing comparable rental for the market you want to invest in.  Highly beneficial for those wanting to know the value for their existing property or target potential property.

Bonus #3 - 2 x extra masterclasses with more experts in the field

Ask all your toughest questions, gain all your needed insights from the experts to make your best informed decisions.

Why Rethink Commercial Education?

Create crystal clarity around your investment goals

We help you refine your target, where you are heading and why. You’ll learn the steps to take for the fastest path to success, and break from limiting beliefs standing between you and your dreams.

Develop lifelong courage and confidence in a proven asset class 

Go deeper than any other property course on the market, drawing from real-life examples and learning from others’ successes and mistakes. Achieve proven results to fuel future investments.

Benefit from the evidence-based experts 

Opinion is great. Data is better. The course draws from the biggest Commercial Property buying advocate in the market, with over $3 billion in sales, over 3,500 clients and an active network in Australia.

Meet The Experts

Scott O'Neill

Founder and Managing Director - Rethink Investing, Rethink Financing, Rethink Property Lawyers, Rethink Property Insurance, Rethink Renewables

Adam Stewart

Past Snr Executive in global corporates.  Now Investor: Micro Private Equity in Property, Tech, Equities & Private funds, Digital Services & eCom and Crypto

Sam Saad

Rethink Property Lawyers (Legal)

Son Pham

Principal - Rethink Financing (Finance)

Josh Liddy

Managing Director - JPL Partners (Accounting)

Sophie Dugan

Head of Asset Mgt - Dugan & Co (Property Mgt)

Taidhg Flanagan

Director - Rethink Property Insurance (Insurance)

Rethink Commercial Education; Build the confidence and surround yourself with the experts you need to take strides towards your investment goals


 ✓ Clarity on your goals and investment

✓ Understanding the macro Commercial Property market

✓ Myth busting in the Australian Commercial Property market

✓ Commercial vs Residential vs other investment classes

✓ Processes for success - research, buying, finance, accounting, legal, property mgt, insurance

✓ Legal lease reviews

✓ Real Good and bad Deals unpacked

✓ States in Australia - how they compare - benefits & watch outs

✓ Troubleshooting tips

All at your fingertips, with like-minded individuals, investors a few steps ahead, and the most active and best industry experts.


Recent Client Purchased Properties

Entry-level Freehold Commercial Investment with a National tenant (Purchase Price = $760,000, Net Yield 7.27)

High Class Freehold Medical Investment (Purchase Price = $5,934,350.00, Net Yield 7.00%)

The right mindset, the right people, and the right path pays off...

Mina and Scott O’Neill started in residential property in 2010. However, after a few purchases they realised the returns from residential property were never going to allow them to “buy their time” back. The passive income from even the highest yielding residential properties would simply not cut it. Then they turned to the lucrative world of commercial property due to the vastly higher yields on offer. After investing thousands of hours in research, they purchased their first commercial property in 2015.

Today, their portfolio is worth $73 million and generates enough rental income for them to never work again. They spend 3-4 months overseas every year living on the commercial property rental income.  Many people started to ask Scott and Mina how they were spending so much time overseas, this lead them to start helping other investors purchase the same types of commercial properties. This lead to thecreation of Australia’s largest commercial buying agency - Rethink Investing - which has helped over 3,500 families invest in the property market. By helping so many people invest in commercial property, our knowledge has been supercharged to have many lifetimes of investment knowledge built up in a short period of time. This knowledge is what they pass on to the community.

They look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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Commercial Property investments supports taking strides towards financial freedom…

Adam Stewart has invested in many different asset classes over the past 25 years during his successful corporate career working as a Senior Executive for some of the biggest companies in the world. Now a professional investor, owning his own micro private equity firm. His goal - to become financially free; to have complete choice regarding the amount of time he spends enjoying different experiences with his family.

From equities to crypto, residential property to precious metals; tech angel investments to private funds and self-owned businesses - they've all delivered returns but his commercial property investments have been the latest standout performers.

Adam connected with and recruited the best experts in the industry to support his first commercial property investments, and levelled up his knowledge at speed. He now has strong cash flow positive returns, alongside very strong equity growth whilst having his time back in his hands.

As co-creator of this eCourse and online community alongside Scott, he will share the detailed steps of his successful commercial property investment journey which has enabled him to take some sizable strides towards his family goals.

Are all your investments performing to their potential? There is an alternative...

  • Residential property - Negative gearing - gross yields below 3%
  • Stocks & Equities - Missing the power of leverage, and crashes can be brutal

  • REIT's - High fund management fees, taxes, and no control in what assets you own
  • Cash Savings - Devaluing every day with high inflation

  • Cryptocurrency - Highly speculative and unregulated

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Access the Rethink Commercial Education On-demand Course and Online Community from any device

The transition and dream can come true…

✓ Unlock your time pressures 
to spend with your loved ones while still earning income and building equity

✓ Financial Freedom to give you choices that employment doesn't offer 

Building a portfolio of assets to secure a Family legacy

Recent Reviews from our Members


The course is a class act, authentic and real, no BS or fluff. These guys have done it before and Scott has great reference points and shares details that just isn’t out there. A great skillset add to any individual, and when investing $300k - $3M, a very small worthwhile investment to guide you on the right path!


Scott and Adam are great, a huge amount of experience sitting at the the table. And then they bring in specialists that add another layer of expertise whereby you learn how to create that networked A Team that gives you confidence in your big financial decisions on your hard earn dollars. The community access is worth it alone, 24/7 access to some of the top people in the industry supporting me along my journey!


The bonus downloadable resources support action taking and value maximising, and when you are new to the industry reference points in a best in class lease document, and a poor lease document is amazing. This alone can save you thousands and pays for the course itself.


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